XTREAM IPTV CODES list for Xtream IPTV codes active account | PRO CODES

XTREAM IPTV CODES list for Xtream IPTV codes active account

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IPTV Smarters Pro Codes

this file contains lines of Smarters Pro IPTV Codes working great, you run it’s  in your SmartersPro

iptv smarters download : android or IOS

you will find a new list for IPTV Smarters free account

list for Xtream IPTV codes … 

how to setup iptv smarters:

So you can run iptv smarters on your iPhone or iPad or any other device, you first need to buy the information as mentioned in the subscription above, then download the program from the link below the article, then follow the instructions below:
1. After installing the IPTV Smarters apk on your ios, Android or any other device, just open it to face the data type selection page you want to enter.iptv smarters
2. Select Xtream login data, enter the information you receive from the subscription and click the Add User button.iptv smart plus

Code iptv smarters username and password :

free code xtream iptv  2021

code xtream iptv 2021 startimes

xtream codes iptv free 2021

xtream codes iptv username and password 2021



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code xtream 2021

you can download the file down below

Url : http://dinka-iptv.com:8000/
User : UandkiKnVo
Pass : Idhf8wRPcT

====================== Code 2 ======================

Url : http://watchindia.net:8880
User : 33253
Pass : 72963

====================== Code 3 ======================
Url : http://one-ott.com:25461
User : aissa
Pass : aissa2021

Url : http://dinka-iptv.com:8000
User : KingiptvGAyWqBBYJP
Pass : ZtQOh7xZSuo

====================== Code 5 ======================

Url : http://dinka-iptv.com:8000
User : root_259421
Pass : 39137518

====================== Code 6 ======================

Url :
User : sweden
Pass : PM66f7Y43H

====================== Code 7 ======================

Url : http://dimapro.cz:8080
User : 170883337371974
Pass : 170883337371974

====================== Code 8 ======================

Url : http://logo.dnsgoogle.xyz:8080
User : 8171803188044
Pass : 7433368381578

====================== Code 9 ======================

URL: http://rv.imax.re
username: 152035569211142
Password: 152072091100948

URL: http://restream.tivivo.cc:25461
username: T6IoMyJMpP
Password: Z7GUrEbvbo

====================== Code 11 ======================

URL: http://hbox.cdnss.me:80
username: tolgax1x
Password: tolgax1x

====================== Code 12 ======================

URL: http://echotv.online:8080
username: HalowTV
Password: FSyzHfEhvb

====================== Code 13 ======================

username: sweden
Password: PM66f7Y43H

====================== Code 14 ======================

URL: http://misket.tv:2020
username: anka-icin-test
Password: fhoPny6SRC

URL: http://vipeiptv.com:25461
username: marc82311ip
Password: marc82311ip

====================== Code 16 ======================

username: usachannel
Password: ngZnG8PD5i

3. The application will add the user to the main interface, then click on the username.iptv smarters
4. All channels and movies will be uploaded and the user will be added to the main screen to find the list of channels.iptv smarters
5. Now, after selecting the category you want, you can

Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and activate the notifications button in order to receive what is new and interesting


 start watching all channels.
We advice you to use for Perfect Player for android devices.

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