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‘Tormented’ Prince Harry ‘has no chance at holding out’ against Meghan Markle: ‘Tortured soul’

Royal experts fear ‘tortured’ Prince Harry ‘stood no chance’ against Meghan Markle.

This allegation has been dropped by TV presenter Judy Finnigan, in her latest piece for Express UK.

Our charming Prince Hal, plagued with self-doubt and mental anguish, didn’t stand a chance.

Already aware that in life’s pecking order his only brother was far more important than him, he lost his beloved mother in an unspeakable tragedy.

He grew up without a loving anchor. William was too young and Charles too self-centred to provide the roots to tether him to a secure sense of himself.

He put on a good face. Funny, sweet, lovable Harry. We adored him, but he was tormented by a lack of self-esteem, and enormous anger. H¬¬is whole life was a muted cry of “What about me?”

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