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The seventh movie in the Predator franchise (if you count the two Alien vs. Predator crossovers), “Prey” is a little bit different: It’s set not in the future, but in September 1719, in the Great Plains of North America, and it centers on a young Comanche woman (Amber Midthunder) as the heroine. Midthunder’s Naru enlivens the female-empowerment plot, in which her character is mocked by her fellow tribespeople for wanting to do something other than cook. (She’s a great tracker, is handy with an ax and knows herbal medicine.) When a representative from the earlier films’ race of extraterrestrial hunters (Dane DiLiegro) lands in her backyard — equipped with his (its?) now-familiar dreadlocks, helmet, buglike mandible, heat vision, retractable wrist blades and chameleon-like cloaking technology that turns all that into something resembling lethal walking gelatin — Naru decides to go on the hunt. “You want to hunt something that’s hunting you?” her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) asks incredulously. Why, yes. Yes, she does. It’s not a new story at this point by any means, but director Dan Trachtenberg (“10 Cloverfield Lane”), working from a script by TV writer Patrick Aison (“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”), keeps things moving. Meaning: The story is constantly on the go, not emotionally compelling. And that’s just enough for this sort of thing. R. Available on Hulu. Contains strong, bloody violence. In English and some Comanche without subtitles. 120 minutes.

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